Social Responsibility
At the Mahindra Group, we are partners in progress with local communities. We strongly believe that the organisation and its community are highly interdependent and thus executing our social responsibilities goes hand-in-hand with our everyday business responsibilities.
In consonance with the Company's core value of Good Corporate Citizenship, the Mahindra Group continues to direct 1% of profit after tax (“PAT”) to Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives which benefit the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society. The areas of focus are Education, Health & Environment. Besides this, investments are made for promoting sports and fine arts which gives a platform for young talent to bloom.
With the aim to contribute beyond financial resources, we encourage and recognise our employees for volunteering through our bespoke program ‘Esops' - Employee Social Options. It is driven by a CSR council and an on-ground ongoing focus is maintained throughout the year by the Esops committee under the CSR department of each company. Under the aegis of Esops, we regularly partner with the government, NGOs and other business associates to contribute positively towards the economic and human development of society.
Some of the major initiatives which we have invested human and
financial resources in are livelihood and skills training to youth from socially disadvantaged communities, education of the disadvantaged
girl child, mid-day meal kitchens in schools, gifting cochlear implants
and flood relief.
  When you think of life – think of poverty, think of slums, think of
hunger, think of deprivation, think of ignorance and when you dream,
it is of India without the ailments above – a happy India through your sustainable effort. Persevere; your dream will come true. Good Luck.
Keshub Mahindra
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
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