Arvind’s Approach to Sustainability
The proverb, well begun is half done, is apt when it comes to sustainability. We believe that sustainability when systematically embedded at source, gets cascaded throughout the production line and the value chain. At Arvind, instead of just concentrating on tailpipe management, we have adopted input management as our preferred approach to sustainability.
We have identified six core inputs that are truly material to us and form the foundation of our business. Our policies, practices and processes are geared not only to optimise utilisation of these resources, but also nurture their source and thereby ensure that they remain in abundant supply. Our focus is on managing, enriching and getting these inputs fundamentally right and thereby making our business sustainably sound.
While actions always speak louder than words, well-articulated words result in sustained high impact actions. The Fundamentally Right Manifesto is a declaration of our core values and beliefs across these six inputs. It functions both as a statement of principles and as a call to action for all our employees. A compass for strategic decisions, the manifesto is a vital step forward in ensuring cogent implementation of the input management approach across the entire value chain.