Talent Management
Nurturing Existing Talent
Various training programs were organised across our Plants for developing personal, interpersonal and technical skills of the workmen. These training programs covered a wide range of topics e.g. Positive Attitude, Stress Management, Creativity, Team Effectiveness, Safety and Environment, Quality Tools, TPM, Dexterity and Technical training. The workmen wholeheartedly participated in all training programs, many a time also on a holiday or after working hours.
    Development Centres
As a part of Integrated Talent Development Process; ‘Development Centre' was conducted, with the help of SHL Ltd., for 16 executives in E band across the Group. The positive response is evident from the fact that it received a feedback rating of 4.4 on a scale of 5. It also resulted in cost savings of over INR 900 thousand.
    Pravartana - The Mahindra Group Inter Company Mobility Guideline
The Mahindra Group has forayed into various innovative businesses and created successful business models. Since a few years, our focus has been on strengthening talent management. In the reporting year, we took a step ahead in this direction as we developed internal talent for potential senior level positions.
In Sanskrit “Pravartana” means ‘Forward Movement'. At Mahindra, ‘Pravartana' happens when a full-time executive on the payroll of one Mahindra Group Company moves to the payroll of another Mahindra Group Company with continuity of service which protects the overall tenure of employment of the executive.
‘Pravartana' takes place within senior management through internal announcement. The process is highly scrutinized depending upon the profile, background, motive and exposure attained under the Talent Management process.
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 Workforce Snapshot