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Lifeline Express  
At Mahindra our definition of out-patient care is going out to
where ever the patient is. Alternative thinking of this nature got
us to support the Lifeline express, a hospital on rails whose motto is “if a disabled person cannot reach the hospital, then
the hospital should reach him or her.”
The project was officially launched on 2nd October 2007,
and is the outcome of our deep rooted sense of Corporate
Social Responsibility which has been basic to our philosophy since 1945.
Drawing from the experience of conducting two successful Lifeline Express stopovers at Rudrapur and Assam, the CSR Council decided to take the Lifeline Express on another journey to an another remote region.
From January 3rd – 24th, 2010, Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector and Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. brought Lifeline Express to Wardha, Maharashtra. This halt changed the lives of thousands of people.
The Lifeline Express started running on 16th July 1991; so far the service has benefited 400,000 Indians in the remotest rural parts of the country
Shri Datta Meghe, MP, Wardha, inaugurating the Impact India - Lifeline Express medical camp

The Lifeline Express offers free of cost medical and surgical interventions to the disabled in remote areas. The hospital on rails consists of 5 fully air-conditioned and well equipped coaches. Two of the coaches are a operation theater & recovery room for patients and one coach each is a diagnostic centre, office sitting room for doctors & sterilization room, kitchen, staff quarters & Generator. The train has on board sophisticated medical and surgical facilities, which offer on-the-spot diagnostic, medical and surgical interventions to patients with operable orthopaedic disabilities (post polio deformities), hearing related disorders, cleft lip and eye related operable disabilities.

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