Cochlear Implants
By empowering hearing-impaired children with the power of sound, the Mahindra Group has changed the life and future of 60 children.
Cochlear implants cost INR 500,000 each. As of March 31, 2010,
60 cochlear implant surgeries have been successfully undertaken.
The beneficiaries comprise of children below the age of 5, and
those belonging to lower socio-economic strata. They are
selected in consultation with Dr. Milind Kirtane and his team of doctors, audiologists, teachers of the hearing impaired and
social counselors.
Operations are performed by Dr. Milind Kirtane, Indiaís leading ENT surgeon and winner of the prestigious Dr. B.C. Roy Award.
A cochlear implant is a device that helps the severely hearing-impaired perceive sound meaningfully, even when
the most powerful hearing aids fail to do so. It employs advanced digital technology to bypass damaged inner
ear structure and send electrical signals directly to the auditory nerve. These signals are transmitted to the brain
and are interpreted as sounds. The implant is beneficial to adults who have lost their hearing after acquiring spoken
language skills, as well as children who are born deaf. Children who are born deaf but receive such implants early
develop speech and language skills that are at par with children with normal hearing.
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