Group Profile
Realising that there was vast untapped potential in the after-market for sales, service and spare parts of multi-brand pre-owned vehicles, Mahindra established an Aftermarket Sector. The aim was to create a business ecosystem for the growing population of vehicles in India (6 million cars currently, expected to grow to 17 million by 2015) which replicates the existing ecosystem for new vehicles.
Mahindra aftermarket services also extend to financing and exchange platforms, building and distributing spare parts for Mahindra vehicles, and providing maintenance services through Mahindra First Choice Services Limited (MFCSL).
The Business Units in the Aftermarket Sector includes:
Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited (Sale & Purchase of Pre-owned Cars)
Mahindra First Choice Services Limited (Multi-brand Service Chain)
Mahindra Spares Business (for Mahindra products)
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