Environmental Performance
Energy is one of the key cost constituent in most products and services. It has a dual impact - with the soaring price of fossil fuel it has a large economic cost and with the soaring pollution levels emissions resulting from energy consumption have a significantly large environmental impact.  
To mitigate both these impacts we have adopted a two pronged strategy. On one hand, we enhance energy efficiency through innovative product design and process optimisation, while on the other, we are gradually migrating towards a more greener energy mix with an enhanced contribution of renewable energy  
Absolute Energy Consumption (GJ)
The increase in absolute energy consumption as compared to the previous year is due to increase in production/services and inclusion of MVML, MSat and AM-MSB into the reporting scope. This is likely to happen year on year as we enhance the scope of our reporting.
The direct energy consumption by primary energy source is as Diesel (426,279.93GJ), FO (773,103.62GJ), HSD (311,123.05GJ), LDO (45,323.37GJ), LPG (365,385.27GJ), Natural Gas (176,831.13GJ), Petrol (3,514.63GJ).
The purchased grid electricity is the main source for indirect energy consumption which is primarily from non-renewable sources.
Sector-wise Energy Consumption (Absolute & Specific)
  The specific energy consumption of AD,
FD, Systech, MLDL, MLL, and Tech M has dropped by 9%, 23%, 6%,13%, 92%, and 3% respectively compared to previous year.
  MWC posted an increase in specific energy consumption due to ongoing construction activities
at Chennai and Jaipur locations compared to previous year. In the current year, MHRIL introduced four new properties at Puducherry, Kumbhalgarh, Thekkady, Ashtamudi, which are on the verge of attaining full occupancy compared to established properties.
This has resulted in the increase in specific energy consumption compared to previous year.
  Due to increase in air conditioning and server installation, MMFSL has shown an increasing trend in the reporting year as compared to previous year.
Specific Energy Consumption
(GJ/unit of measure)
  Sectors 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 % reduction in 2010-11 over previous year
AD 4.069 3.531 3.219 9
FD 1.850 2.099 1.630 23
(except gears)
8.097 8.282 7.775 6
Systech (gears) 0.011 0.011 0.008 27
MIL 0.044 0.042 0.045 -7
MTWL NIS 0.552 0.362 34
MWC 6.002 7.568 10.864 -44
MLDL 0.013 0.015 0.013 13
MLL 134.302 135.408 11.128 92
MHRIL 0.343 0.291 0.297 -2
MMFSL 15.202 9.444 13.535 -43
Tech M 0.089 11.50 11.13 3
MVML NIS NIS 4.660 -
MSat NIS NIS 13.005 -
AM-MSB NIS NIS 0.384 -
Note: NIS- Not in Scope.
  At Mahindra we realise that every operation is an energy saving opportunity and thus our initiatives straddle the entire production chain.  
  We are aware that energy saving follows a meteor path - a big significant impact in the initial stage, which at Mahindra was three years ago and then a reducing trail as we get closer and closer to optimisation. It is to the credit of our ever-vigilant team that they have been able to squeeze out 37,695 GJ of savings during the reporting year.  
  Mahindra Towers, Mumbai  
  One of our many initiatives has been the ongoing energy saving project at Mahindra Towers in Mumbai. Based on an energy audit conducted by the BEE certified Energy Services Company (ESCo) a host of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) were identified. They included optimising the electrical distribution system, the air conditioning operations and retrofitting the lighting system to a more efficient one.  
  These measures have been yielding impressive results in the form of energy cost saving since 2009-10. The energy savings from this initiative in the year 2010 - 11 were 335 GJ.  
  The Initiatives  
  Numerous energy saving initiatives were undertaken across various sectors. These include reduction in fuel and LPG consumption, enhanced usage of solar energy and increase energy efficiency. Given below is a snapshot view.  
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